Happy Halloween

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A brief update – and why aren’t you following me on Twitter?

The comic art show at the University of Oregon’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is well underway. I contributed something to iFanboy about it that you may wish to read.

Also…meet the new Doctor, same as the old Doctor. Just with an American accent…

As the Doctor


It’s been Beatle week at the homestead…

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Green Lantern #1 - It can make a grown man cry

Green Lantern #1 - It can make a grown man cry

Some notes for those tuning in late, or wondering if I ever do update on a regular basis (hint – I think about it quite often. Thinking and having time to do are often two separate things). The birthday happened last month and it was really one of the best on record. A new grill (Which has changed my outlook on life in general. Grills = yum), a fistfull of games, a keyboard and mouse for my Sega Dreamcast, and then some friends kicked in to help pay off my Green Lantern #1, which wasn’t cheap. I’ll admit to nearly tearing up there a bit when I opened the box with it. Thank you everybody!

This of course puts me well within targeting distance to completing my run of Green Lantern – all of it. Well, not the Golden Age Green Lantern. That will never happen. But the only issue left that’s going to possibly put the hurt on is #59 – the first appearance of fan favorite, Guy Gardner. We’ll keep plugging away slowly and eventually I’ll have the complete run from Showcase #22 to today. Fortunately I started this crazy idea nearly 20 years ago when back issues were to be had for cheap. If I woke up, say last Saturday and the idea popped into my head I would have had to dismiss it immediately due to the incredible impracticality of such an endeavor.

The greatest movie ever made...

The greatest movie ever made...

I also decided to finally get this little gem of a poster framed and put on the wall. Lest you think this is some mere reprint bought at Comic Con and thrown into a frame bought at Walmart, this is the real deal – an original Wrath of Kahn movie poster. A very much real and original poster right down to the notice at the bottom that the poster is to be returned or destroyed at the end of the theatrical engagement. I believe the kids these days say “woot” with respect to this. I love this movie, I have always loved this movie, and will always love this movie. I love everything about it.

Well…except the end. But that’s another discussion.

But it is in perfect condition, it was never displayed or used and there were no pin holes, creases or folds in it, and there never will be.

All you need is love...

All you need is love...

Finally, we come to this week’s big event – the re-release of the Beatles official music catalog on remastered CDs and the release of the Beatles Rock Band on 09-09-09 (don’t forget that the same day was the 10th anniversary of my beloved Dreamcast too!). It was a no-brainer on getting the CD collection. Rock Band on the other hand I went back and forth on a couple times before deciding to take the plunge. Before I put my money down I decided to try one of these music rhythm games to see what the fuss was about and would I even want to have such a thing in my home.

Answer: yes.

I played a PlayStation 2 version of Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s (where I got a 97% on We Got the Beat – which upon hearing, Jane was very proud of me for accomplishing that). No, you’re not really playing an instrument (except when drumming – apparently you are hitting the appropriate drum heads in these games so you could come out of this a drummer if you put your mind to it), but you’re having fun. It’s not brain surgery after all. Not to say that musicians don’t work very, very hard when on stage or in the studio, but for those of us who just want to kick back and let their rock and roll fantasies live and breathe a bit – well, it’s fun.

Side note – this week also saw something of a flap over Guitar Hero 5 and Kurt Cobain and some choice comments from Courtney Love. While I really don’t care for Nirvana’s music, and I suspect that she did sign all the appropriate paperwork giving Activision permission to use Kurt as a playable character when Nirvana songs are played, and when other songs are played, she may not have realized the details of the plans. That’s not an excuse for either side. It’s also the same thing with, say, Johnny Cash in the game. You can have Johnny Cash as your avatar when playing “Hungry Like the Wolf” if you want. Same with Cobain. That doesn’t make it right, and I do understand that maybe she wouldn’t want Kurt’s image on screen performing a rap song and she probably was under the impression that it would be Kurt performing Nirvana songs only within the game. I guess look over things a bit closer next time? There’s sympathy…but just a tiny little bit…

Moving on…

Wednesday I went to pick up my game and the CD box set. I figure this would be easy. I pre-ordered the game at GameStop to get the three extra free songs, and then before running over there at lunch to get it, I’d stop at Best Buy to get the box set. Easy. It’s the Beatles – they’ll have a bunch of box sets, this will be a snap. Wrong…and remember, I’m at lunch, the clock is ticking to get back. Best Buy had all the individual CDs, but not the  box set. I wanted the box set. So I went to Borders – they had one box set left and that was on hold for someone. Maybe I should have pre-ordered. The lesson was being learned (but it’s the freaking BEATLES – they should have ordered plenty of them!).

So, on my way to GameStop at the mall, I swung finally by Barnes and Noble – they had two in stock, soon to be one. The price admittedly was a little rich for my blood, but remember the clock was ticking, I love the Beatles, and by that point common sense and rationality had given me a warm hug, kissed me on the cheek, wished me luck in whatever it was I needed to do and left me to my own devices. Oh, and I signed up for their discount card while I was at it. I was one of the lost by this point. But I had my box set. After that, going into GameStop to get my game was a non-event. Go in, think quietly to yourself how much the place has really changed, say nothing about that to the people who work there now, hand them the money, take the game and leave. Fortunately, I got back to work in time (barely) after this little adventure.

Oh, and I still haven’t played the game because I can’t get my guitar to sync to my Playstation 3 wirelessly. But the opening into is AMAZING!


San Diego Comic Con

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Pics are now up (and have been for a couple days…). I hope you enjoy them. It’s taken me this long to recover enough to post and write about it.

San Diego Comic Con, as you’d probably guess from the pictures, and of course last years (arguably…better[?] pictures) it was a packed madhouse. I didn’t notice as many costumes this year, but it may have been the whirlwind of activity that shielded me from that. I did see Adam Savage from Mythbusters in his Joker henchman outfit (and we of course realize this after the fact once his Twitter feed was read). I clearly remember scoffing at the costume as well – Joker-related costumes were SO last year. Jamie S Rich told me there was a gal on the floor in a TARDIS outfit, but the closest I could find was the Dalek Girl. Oh, Dalek Girl…we shall not have the “Exterminate!” jokes. No, no.

The first night I crashed with Jamie and Jöelle Jones, who were kind enough to let me stay with them after I managed to extend my travel plans by one extra day. It was actually five of us in the same room. Four really. One of our party decided to camp out for the Disney panel in Hall H the next day. Initially she was going to pass, but we cajoled her into it. Hayao Miyazaki was going to be on the panel and she wanted to ask him a question in Japanese as she is in the Japanese program at the University of Oregon. We made sure that she was going to be safe camping out overnight, fortunately there were others there for similar reasons, and security was on site. So Jöelle and Terry made sure that she had some blankets and a pillow and in the morning went to collect them and bring her some coffee. She got second row in the hall (and if you know Hall H – you know it’s a vast cavern-like structure that holds…untold thousands…second row is about as good as it gets). Meanwhile, up in our secret hotel room lair, I got to look over some of Jöelle’s artwork for the upcoming Dr. Horrible comic and hang out.

On this same day was the panel that I was fortunate enough to have been invited to attend! A spotlight panel on Mike Allred. It was just an honor sitting up there with Jamie, Jöelle, and Mike, Laura and Han Allred. I also made the horrible mistake of wearing my new Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars that haven’t been broken in yet. Comic Con is not the time to break shoes in. Ever. They will break your feet instead, and that’s just what happened. You don’t need the details. I also got to move to my regular hotel located in…Fashion Valley. Fashion Valley is nowhere near downtown San Diego. So I had a bit of a hike to the trolley station and a 20 minute trolley ride into the convention. This pretty much wrecked my plans to attend the iFanboy/Totally Rad Show part Friday night. Ah well.

Lessons learned for next year: Travel light (keep traveling light). If Jamie wants to split a room – go for it (and thank you again, Jamie!). Stay close to the con to put anything you get at the show away quickly and easily to get back. Don’t bother with the horribly big, bulky and generally unwieldy messenger bag – just use any shopping bags you get on the show floor and walk about freely. Make your plans and be ready to scrap them. Stay an extra day to recover and fly out leisurely. Arrive a day early to get situated and meet up with people you came to see but might not get to spend lots of time with once the show starts up in full swing.

Still – it was a blast! Next year is the third year back – third time is a charm!


John Hughes…

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I’ve got no words…none whatsoever…cuts like a knife…



For your reading and viewing pleasure…

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Sarah and I have got the install, configuration and tweaking all done, so Team Wiedlin is proud to announce the re-opening of http://www.janewiedlin.com. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together!


Ryan Reynolds – Green Lantern

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I live in fear and dread of the new Green Lantern movie due in 2010. Mainly because I am a huge fan of Green Lantern. Now I know how Superman, Batman, Spidey and Iron Man fans felt when their respective movies were put into development. Now we have our Green Lantern himself, Hal “Highball” Jordan, cast as one Ryan Reynolds:

Ryan Reynolds

So, since he’s also Deadpool in the Marvel movies…is this going to be some sort of problem with the studios? Or does the sweet stench of filthy lucre addressing that tiny issue? All I can say in advice is: remember, the ring goes on the right hand, middle finger.


Why I love Top Gear…

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It’s because of the very clear, concise and most of all thorough reviews of the vehicles on the show:


I am a busy little fanboy…

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So other than liking Star Trek and spending too much time thinking about changes to the timeline vs. events that will occur in the new timeline no matter what, how busy am I?

Well, if you’d follow me on Twitter, you’d probably find out… (hint…)

There is an immediacy to Twitter, even at 140 characters, that regular blogging just can’t match. Even with a WordPress app for the iPhone (an app that is apparently due to be updated according to a recent interview on Tekzilla).

Well, there has been the regular work thing, researching some e-commerce software for Jane’s site, scribbling notes into moleskine books and trying to get caught up on some light reading (The Writer’s Tale by Russell T Davies and Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman).

We also had a bit of a significant and serious scare last week with a friend of mine that I’ve known for about 20 years and haven’t seen in a while. It would appear that he somehow wound up with a very serious and malignant brain tumor. It was discovered after an incident last Friday and the tumor was removed over the weekend and he was back home on Monday.

This is some scary stuff. BUT, it looks like fortune is smiling upon us as it seems that they managed to get every last bit of it out and when I went up to Seattle to visit on Saturday he was his usual self (other than being pretty heavily medicated). Conversation, memory, everything was normal and other than the medicated state and the bandages, you wouldn’t know that anything was wrong just a few days ago. There’s quite a bit of relief here on everyone’s part and we’re all supporting him through the process.

A bit heavier than normal, but that’s what’s been going on. Perhaps to lighten it up a bit I’ll post in a little bit about one of the most disgusting soft drinks I have every had in my entire life…


While Nero fiddled… (Spoilers for Star Trek)

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So now that Star Trek rules the world again, how has the new timeline changed from the prime timeline of Classic Trek? Here are some things that spring to mind after giving it some thought:

Like ripples in a pond, the attack of Nero’s mining ship, the Narada at the start of Star Trek has caused significant changes to the timeline for the Star Trek universe. As a result, and as noted by the characters in the film themeselves, this has created an alternate reality that they are living in. This does not invalidate any Classic Trek stories or the original Star Trek timeline extending from The Cage to the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. The timeline of Enterprise, as this takes place well before the attack on the USS Kelvin, is not changed in any way. Star Trek has dealt with alternate realities before, most famously in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Yesterday’s Enterprise. In this episode, the timeline is altered by the arrival of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C from a rift in space that prevents it from aiding in the attack of Narendra III by Romulan vessels. As a result the timeline for TNG is altered to where the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D is a military vessel in the middle of a prolonged war with the Klingon Empire. Once the Enterprise from the past returns to its proper point, history is restored. As the attack on the Kelvin is immediate, once the destruction takes place, the timeline is irrevocably changed. For the timeline not to have changed significantly, the Narada would have had to not fire on the Kelvin and remained hidden from the Starfleet vessel. Had Nero not been driven mad by the events in the prime timeline (the destruction of Romulus and the loss of his family), he could have actually bided his time and waited for Spock from the prime timeline to appear and assist him in completing his mission with plenty of time to prepare.

However, as a result in Nero’s attack, the following changes and potential changes have been made for the new timeline that has been created:

The USS Enterprise – In the prime timeline, the Enterprise was built in 2245 in San Fransisco. Now the Enterprise was built in 2258 in Riverside Iowa. Possibly as a result of reports from the survivors of Nero’s attack on the USS Kelvin, Starfleet delayed the construction of the Enterprise to alter the design, armaments and crew compliment. This would potentially impact the rest of Starfleet as well as they would be wanting to bolster their defenses against a perceived Romulan threat.

The Romulans – Until Balance of Terror the Romulans, while known to the Federation, were a mystery as nobody has seen a Romulan before. Certainly survivors of the attack on the USS Kelvin would have reported back to Starfleet that the Romulan vessel that attacked their ship looked like a Vulcan. I would suspect in both timelines that the Vulcan High Command knew that the Romulans, being an offshoot of the Vulcan race, would have physical similarities. The Vulcans opted not to share this with Starfleet or the Federation for whatever reasons they may have had until it was too late (Nero’s attack in the new timeline, the events of Balance of Terror in the prime timeline) – possibly due to…embarrasment?

Captain Christopher Pike – In the prime timeline, Christoper Pike was the second commander of the USS Enterprise after Robert April. There was a significant encounter on the planet Talos IV for Captain Pike and after an accident that left him wheelchair bound and unable to communicate, Captain Pike returned to Talos IV to live out the rest of his days. Now Christoper Pike was the first captain of the Enterprise and apparently due to the events of Star Trek is wheelchair bound, but has not lost his ability to speak as in the prime timeline. His command of the Enterprise is also limited to her maiden voyage and he was subsequently promoted to Admiral and not Fleet Captain as in the prime timeline. As a result the events of The Cage and The Menagerie may not happen in this timeline. Furthermore, Spock’s deep sense of loyalty to Captain Pike in the original timeline may not carry over to this timeline as the length of Spock’s service with Captain Pike in the new timeline is unclear.

Spock – In the new timeline, due to events in the movie, the events of Amok Time and Journey to Babel from TOS would be dramatically altered. As would the events of episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation that involve Sarek, Spock’s mission to Romulus and Vulcan. Furthermore, Star Trek III and IV’s events would also be altered in this timeline (if not canceled out, except for the the major plot of Star Trek IV, along with Star Trek II altogether due to other incidents changing or not happening, see below) due to issues with Vulcan and Amanda Grayson, Spock’s mother. The relationship between Spock and Sarek in the new timeline may also be strengthened in the new timeline due to the events of the movie and not strained to the point of breaking as depicted in Journey to Babel.

Pavel Chekov – Chekov’s inclusion in this movie and joining the crew of the Enterprise from the start addresses a continuity hiccup in the prime timeline with Star Trek II when Kahn recognizes Chekov. The character of Chekov was not in the episode Space Seed from the first season of TOS as Chekov was introduced as a character in the second season.

Captain James T. Kirk – In both timelines, Kirk is born in 2233. The events of the attack of the USS Kelvin dramatically altered Kirk’s personal timeline. The events of Conscience of the King would still be valid or could still take place as while Kirk still lives in Iowa in both timelines, nothing is stated in the movie to contradict that Kirk didn’t at least spend some time off-world. However, in the prime timeline, Kirk takes command of the USS Enterprise in 2265, not 2258 as in the new timeline, and in the prime timeline, the Enterprise is significantly older. Furthermore, in the original timeline, Kirk was a cadet instructor at Starfleet Academy where he met and became friends with Gary Mitchell. Mitchell tries to set Kirk up with the “blond lab assistant” to distract Kirk from his rather strict teaching methods. This lab assistant is implied to be Carol Marcus, mother of David Marcus, Kirk’s son. In the new timeline, Gary Mitchell is not mentioned and Kirk may not have met him as he apparently was not an instructor at Starfleet Academy, thus Kirk has not met Carol Marcus yet. This impacts Where No Man Has Gone Before as Gary Mitchell is not posted to the USS Enterprise, Star Trek II (so far) as Kirk has not met Carol Marcus, Star Trek III (so far) as due to Kirk not meeting Carol Marcus, Kirk will have no son that would die on the Genesis planet. Again, if the timeline changes significantly to where the events of Space Seed to not occur, the events of Star Trek II-III would occur.

So the new timeline may line up with significant events in the prime Star Trek timeline as certain major events must happen and the universe has its way of healing itself and making sure certain things must happen (Kirk and crew on the Enterprise in general, etc.). However, in the new timeline, due to changes some events may not occur at all. For instance, the events of Space Seed may not occur as the Enterprise does not find Kahn’s sleeper ship which then continues on its way, possibly never to be found. As a result, the events of Star Trek II, including the death of Spock in that film also do not occur and the testing of the Genesis Project continues without interruption. Furthermore, the events of Star Trek IV will be radically different as the probe from that film could reach Earth, but the crew of the Enterprise must use different means to rescue whales from the 20th century to communicate with the probe. Also, if Gary Mitchell does not meet James Kirk, there may be no introduction of Carol Marcus to Kirk and they do not have a child together to help the future Dr. Marcus on the Genesis Project. As a result, the Klingon Empire may not learn of the Genesis Project and the tests may eventually succeed without the instability of using protomatter as shown in the events of Star Trek III.

But it’s a wide open universe now…who knows what could happen?

Time, like Space, is weird. Super weird.