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ZOMG!!!!1111!!! Verizon iPhone!!111!!1111!!!!!!!

On January 14, 2011, in Apple, iPhone, by Brian Huberd

So life as we know it was changed forever on the morning of the January 11, 2011. Verizon and Apple announced a CDMA specific version of the iPhone 4 hardware that will work on the Verizon network. AT&T decided that instead of working to improve their network in light of new competition decided to instead provide a little snark for the proceedings. Why shouldn’t they? They’ve got the bulk of the iPhone customer base in the United States (for now), a faster 3G network (for now) and they have those existing iPhone 4 customers locked into their network for at least another year and a half due to their shockingly high contract termination fee.

Apparently, AT&T feels that the iPhone has hit a saturation point in the US and that existing AT&T iPhone customers who HAVEN’T renewed their contracts (say…original iPhone, iPhone 3g an iPhone 3gs customers for example) are happy with where they are. They very well may be too – unless they live in New York, San Francisco or any other major metropolitan area where AT&T’s service is horrific on a good day compared to Verizon’s level of service.

Thus the comment from AT&T that essentially said that Verizon iPhone customers had better enjoy life in the slow lane. This is due to the very real fact that on the Verizon 3G network, in contrast to AT&T when you take a call on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc) you are not able to access your data connection. Point to AT&T on this valid concern. That said, I think many iPhone customers in these affected markets would just like to take and complete a successful call every once in a while. They’ll be able to do this on the Verizon network. Point to Verizon. Also, a very good guess is that the next iPhone will be a LTE phone for 4G networks and Verizon is working like mad to build up theirs now so they will be ready for the faster speeds it will bring, and back with it being able to use the data connection while taking a call. Plus, on the Verizon version of the iPhone you’ll be able to use the phone as a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices.

Until a call comes in…

I know people who have iPhones on AT&T and are on a month to month billing and will bolt over to Verizon so fast when it goes on sale on February 10th that you will hear a sonic boom. AT&T I hope had better be preparing for an attrition rate that is unheard of in the industry. If not, their head is in the sand deeper than anyone realizes. No wonder they are getting worst carrier in the nation reviews. Maybe one day they will realize that they need to compete to stay in business…

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