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ZOMG!!!!1111!!! Verizon iPhone!!111!!1111!!!!!!!

On January 14, 2011, in Apple, iPhone, by Brian Huberd

So life as we know it was changed forever on the morning of the January 11, 2011. Verizon and Apple announced a CDMA specific version of the iPhone 4 hardware that will work on the Verizon network. AT&T decided that instead of working to improve their network in light of new competition decided to instead provide a little snark for the proceedings. Why shouldn’t they? They’ve got the bulk of the iPhone customer base in the United States (for now), a faster 3G network (for now) and they have those existing iPhone 4 customers locked into their network for at least another year and a half due to their shockingly high contract termination fee.

Apparently, AT&T feels that the iPhone has hit a saturation point in the US and that existing AT&T iPhone customers who HAVEN’T renewed their contracts (say…original iPhone, iPhone 3g an iPhone 3gs customers for example) are happy with where they are. They very well may be too – unless they live in New York, San Francisco or any other major metropolitan area where AT&T’s service is horrific on a good day compared to Verizon’s level of service.

Thus the comment from AT&T that essentially said that Verizon iPhone customers had better enjoy life in the slow lane. This is due to the very real fact that on the Verizon 3G network, in contrast to AT&T when you take a call on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc) you are not able to access your data connection. Point to AT&T on this valid concern. That said, I think many iPhone customers in these affected markets would just like to take and complete a successful call every once in a while. They’ll be able to do this on the Verizon network. Point to Verizon. Also, a very good guess is that the next iPhone will be a LTE phone for 4G networks and Verizon is working like mad to build up theirs now so they will be ready for the faster speeds it will bring, and back with it being able to use the data connection while taking a call. Plus, on the Verizon version of the iPhone you’ll be able to use the phone as a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices.

Until a call comes in…

I know people who have iPhones on AT&T and are on a month to month billing and will bolt over to Verizon so fast when it goes on sale on February 10th that you will hear a sonic boom. AT&T I hope had better be preparing for an attrition rate that is unheard of in the industry. If not, their head is in the sand deeper than anyone realizes. No wonder they are getting worst carrier in the nation reviews. Maybe one day they will realize that they need to compete to stay in business…

January 24th, 1984…

On January 24, 2009, in Apple, Macintosh, iPhone, by Brian Huberd

It was 25 years ago today that the original Macintosh 128 was released to the public. What a wild ride it’s been since then.


My original Mac 128k and iPhone 3g

My original Mac 128k and iPhone 3g

And here’s what started it all…

Last one for today…

On November 23, 2008, in Doctor Who, iPhone, iPod, by Brian Huberd

It was 45 years ago today the first episode of Doctor Who was aired. At 5:15 tonight, 45 years television episodes, books, comics, toys, games, CDs, DVDs and 10 Doctors later, I’ll celebrate by putting in my DVD of An Unearthly Child. How about you? Here are some iPhone/iPod Touch sized wallpapers I created for each of the current Doctors as way of an anniversary present to the show:


One more test

On November 23, 2008, in iPhone, by Brian Huberd

Just another test to use a photo…

iPhone testing

On November 23, 2008, in iPhone, by Brian Huberd

Just a test to give the WordPress app a spin on the iPhone.

A recap…

On September 30, 2008, in Amazing Race, Lost, Movies, Steve Jobs, Survivor, Torchwood, comics, iPhone, by Brian Huberd

It’s been a while…

Working backwards: The Amazing Race has started back up. Watching the opening I almost thought that they would have the racers begin at Griffith Park Observatory. That would have made for some interesting moments as they tried to quickly make their way down the hill to the freeway to get to LAX. Survivor also started up. In HD this year. It looks weird in HD. But I attribute some of that to what has to be a fairly rugged HD camera type in use compared to a show like Mythbusters or even American Idol in HD. They also seem to be using some different editing techniques. It’s almost documentary-like in the first episode. The camera movements and zooms where much more noticable when the crews were back with the teams in their respective camps. They also managed to get rid of the two most annoying people right off the bat. Who will I learn to hate now? What is Survivor or The Amazing Race for that matter without the ability to be all judgemental based on an edit of footage shot of a person in a new, unfamiliar situation? That said, I expect Michelle to be annoying at all times now matter what sort of edit she got on the show.

The new season of Sarah Jane Adventures also started this week. I almost forgot. Is that bad?

The Torchwood radio show from BBC Radio 4 – Yeah. That was…bad. It was like the first draft of a regular Torchwood script. Some good could have come of it if they took their time and re-wrote it a bit. But that didn’t happen. Martha was also there apparently to ask everyone how they felt. I thought she was a medical doctor, not a psychologist or a therapist.

I may be doing a day trip to LA in a couple weeks for a special project for work. No details and specifics yet. Fingers are crossed.

I also got an iPhone app to post blog entries from. Naturally I haven’t tried it. What were you thinking?! Perhaps one day.

Lost has finally become semi-interesting late in the first season. I’m still at the “meh” stage.

Finally saw the first two Dr. Mabuse films. The original silent movie in two parts was better – and considerably longer – than the sequel which started to take a somewhat unwanted supernatural approach towards the end. I think this is a concept ripe to be re-explored again and to ressurect this forgotten character.

The iPhone 2.1 software – Oh, so that’s what you meant all along isn’t it, Steve Jobs? The 2.0.1 version is to show us the potential, the 2.0.2 was to keep all those nice apps from crashing every five minutes and the 2.1 version was to baby us in luxury and make us feel loved. Cell phone reception with it is also amazingly improved. Example: the comic shop I go to is traditionally a cell phone black hole. My previous phones were like this, the iPhone with the 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 were like this. You could get a call in there…maybe…and you had about 2 bars if you were lucky. New version? Full strength. Awesome. Lovin’ my iPhone and I’m finally gonna drop my land line once and for all, which will invalidate something that’s in Red Rocket 7, but progress is on the march.

Soon to be gone…

On August 26, 2008, in iPhone, iPod, by Brian Huberd

Tris that is, gone from the iTunes app store that is for iPhone and iPod Touch users. It will be removed from the app store tomorrow. So let’s see what’s hot for free games for the iPhone and iPod Touch right now this instant, shall we?

Thought so. Well, everyone’s grabbing this while they can because the official Tetris client for the iPhone and iPod Touch is apparently lame. Oh, and $9.99 too. Can’t beat free… Even though I do acknowledge that the company that owns the rights to the game does have a bit of a legitimate gripe here.

100th post

On July 21, 2008, in San Diego Comic Con, iPhone, by Brian Huberd

It was just like yesterday, or a year ago that I started this mess as I went off to India and circled the globe in search of adventure and mystery. Look where we are today. I’ve add in social networks in the links on the right and now you can even follow me on Twitter. Where will the fun stop?
My next travel destination will be lovely San Diego, California for the San Diego Comic Con. Let’s hope this year that the Fire Marshals won’t be called in due to overcrowding. Since it’s been about 5 or 6 years since I last went, it will be interesting to note the changes from my last trip. Apparently it takes over the entire convention center now, and with the stories of the overselling of the tickets and hearing all four days are sold out, I expect a crowded time. But I get a chance to see my pal Bill again and hopefully check out the TV Batmobile if it’s there again this year.

I’ll be leaving bright and far too early on Thursday morning and arriving back in town on Sunday. Get yer requests in…
I’ve also been working on something new as well that’s been getting positive notes from Mike and Jamie. As soon as I finish the second pass at the treatment, I think we’re good to go for scripting. Fingers crossed.

Not much else to say, other than I now have a lovely ghetto iPhone stand as seen above. Krusty the Clown and Batmobile not included. Actually, the stand is more clever than ghetto. Instead of paying an outrageous sum of money for some stand that the seller would describe as “hand crafted from the purest titanium and custom molded to the contours of the iPhone itself” I just went down to Wal-Mart and found a cell phone/PDA stand for a car instead. Adjusted the bendy arm bit to move the center of gravity around when the phone is put in the cradle and boom. Instant iPhone cradle. Exactly what I needed and less than $10.00!

Do you like video games?

On July 14, 2008, in Video Games, iPhone, by Brian Huberd

Hey kids!

Do you like video games?
Do you like swearing loudly?
Sure! Who doesn’t? We all do!
Then you’ll love Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone! Buy it today from the iTunes App Store. Brought to you by our friends at Sega.
Really. It’s a fun game, but vicious. You need finesse to move the Monkey Ball around the play field using the iPhone’s accelerometer. It’s tricker than it looks. But, hey – 100 levels for $9.99? Cheap!
Next up is magic post number 100…

I got my iPhone 3G

On July 12, 2008, in Apple, iPhone, by Brian Huberd

It took an extra day, but I managed to get one. This time I was first in line. Lucky me. So now that we have this…

Let’s ponder briefly what next year’s iPhone model will bring while I wait for all my music to load up. I’d say realistically (because a hardware keyboard just isn’t going to happen unless Steve Jobs gets replaced by a Pod Person) we might see:
1. Better battery life – this is a given. They love to tout battery life and how it’s much better now than it was. With the addition of the battery-sucking 3G technology, you’d better hope they’re working on adding in some higher capacity batteries.
2. Double the storage – another given. I’m going to a 16 gig iPhone from a 16 gig iPod Touch. They have 32 gig iPod Touches now, and while I’m actually quite comfortable with 16 gigs, I’m sure I’m like most people and wouldn’t turn down double the storage.
3. Haptic touch screen feedback. This will help with people trying to type on the virtual keyboard as they would get feedback that they can feel as they type. It could also be used for other programs on this theoretical iPhone, but for those who complain about the current keyboard situation, it would be a boon.
4. Stereo Bluetooth. Now I could get a little envious of this. Stereo Bluetooth means I can listen to the iPod portion of the phone without all those pesky wires tethering me to the device. But this wouldn’t make me sell my soul in a year to get one if it were true.
These are all keen things, but not killer apps for me if these were to appear in an iPhone refresh in a year or so. This is why I took the plunge this morning and I’m not waiting another year. The software updates have been free so far, so no worries there. So I’ll just wait for the model after the next one when my new AT&T contract expires in two years.
But this thing is gonna rock…