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The once and for all canonical list of every version of Star Wars I have owned

On September 29, 2010, in Star Wars, by Brian Huberd

Because not only is the Holy Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy coming out on Blu-Ray, they’re getting a 3D release in 2012.

For the haters out there (you know who you are, and you know what I mean):

If you have to have a 1977, 1980 and 1983 version of the first three movies and have your panties in a bunch over the further alterations or that the original versions won’t be on the new Blu-Ray, get over it. I’ve seen both sides of the argument and personally am too tired to worry over it at this point in my life. The originals are out there if you look and have been neatly remastered by fan effort. Yup, it’d be awesome for Lucasfilm to release them with the updated editions, but there you go. Decision is made so the decision is yours to figure out how best to cope with the pain of your existence. I bet that if Han kept shooting first the amount of people who gripe would but cut in half.

Oh, and Luke’s scream as he falls down the shaft in Cloud City in Empire could be taken back out too. But you know what? I can live with it. I understand that this, plus Han not shooting first does alter the story arcs (Han is ruthless and becomes a better person vs. Greedo being a horrible shot/Luke decides he would rather die than join Vader vs. apparently slipping accidentally as he considers Vader’s offer). It would be good to make those changes, and some people HAVE on their own. Maybe one day it will happen officially. Patience.

Plus, I am rather excited at the thought of Star Wars in 3D myself.

But anyway…here’s the list of every version of Star Wars I have purchased:

VHS pan and scan tapes (circa 1987)
VHS widescreen tapes (circa 1992?)
Laserdisc (original pressings with the gray covers)
The Definitive Edition laserdisc collection (The Big Black Box of Star Wars)
The Special Edition laserdisc collection (The Not Quite As Big Black Box of Star Wars)
The Prequel Trilogy DVD releases
The Special Edition trilogy DVD box set
The Special Edition trilogy individual DVD releases (with the original versions included)

OK, so that makes by my count eight times I’ve done my duty as a fan, with the Blu-Ray editions, that will make nine. Each time I say it will be the last time I do it. I lie to myself often it seems.

Did you mean: Missing Doctor Who Episodes

On December 31, 2007, in Doctor Who, George Lucas, Star Wars, by Brian Huberd

So I check on stats for the site every once in a while. By once in a while, I can be somewhat compulsive over it, really. I am curious to see how many people show up and how they get here. Sometimes it’s from the result of a a search term or phrase, like my name, or something I’ve mentioned here. Yesterday I did a little checking on the search words used recently and found this gem:

star wars missing episodes

Huh. Well, hello there reader – hope you’re sticking with it and have a resolute sense of patience at times. Honestly, I’m not sure what you were looking for with that search, but I’ll try to help -

George Lucas is a fairly obsessive-compulsive individual and it is rumored that he has every frame of every shot from every movie, every recorded sound clip, outtake, memo, napkin doodling and so on for anything that has to do with the Star Wars franchise from anyone who ever drew a check from Lucasfilm. Thus, to side step here for a moment, his ability to reedit and do new versions of shots with new special effects for the classic trilogy is logical – the claim that it isn’t possible to do a nice, clean version of the original trilogy with original special effects with an anamorphic transfer on DVD is bogus.

As a result, it’s safe to say that everything to do with the Star Wars movies is safe and sound in a sealed bunker in what I would guess to be a hidden location. Perhaps said bunker would be found on Sullust or Dantooine. This means that things that Lucas would like to be lost (The Star Wars Holiday Special) and things that the fans would like to be lost (Star Wars Episodes I II and III, or at the very least Jar Jar Binks) have not, cannot and will not be casually tossed aside and lost to time due to Lucas’ compulsive nature. Fear not, it’s all there for you, the fan to discover. Enjoy.

However, I will point out that there are 108 missing episodes of Doctor Who. The search, as always, is on. Fortunately the audio soundtracks to all of them still survive.

On X-Wings and TIE Fighters…

On May 25, 2007, in DVD, George Lucas, Star Wars, laserdisc, by Brian Huberd

Today is one of the holiest days of Geekdom – the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. George Lucas should be proud – two and a half good movies out of a series of six isn’t bad these days, really (The original trilogy, minus the Ewok bits from Return of the Jedi). Actually, the visuals of Attack of the Clones are very impressive, but story-wise…meh…sorry hardcore fans…

But the original movies, the first one especially, wow…great experiences. I’ll gladly concede that The Empire Strikes Back is the superior movie as far as characterization and plot development, but for the pure popcorn movie going experience and wide-eyed wonder for 8-9 year old, to me, it’s tough to beat the original Star Wars.

I’m not a super-devote to the films – I can’t tell you where the Millennium Falcon was built and who built it and the serial number to Luke’s X-Wing without checking online resources, but I do enjoy the movies – believe me…

So instead of some story of how Star Wars is the greatest thing ever, and my non-existent opinion on the spin off media like books and comics, let me just tell you how much I do love these movies by listing the number of times I have bought them in various formats:

The first time I bought the Star Wars trilogy was on video tape, pan and scan format right after high school. Crummy, horrible transfers of course, just get those films out on tape and people will buy them.

The second time was just a few years later, still on video tape – but this time in widescreen format so i could see the whole image as it was shown in theaters. Of course – they also promised this is the last time the movies would be made available on video. Liars.

Then I got a laserdisc player – so of course I had to get the movies on laserdisc, of course in widescreen. Bliss and heaven. For those who don’t know, laserdiscs are also very heavy when moved in large groups. The size of an old record album, but made of two layers of metal sealed in plastic. I would never want for Star Wars again.

Hey! Cool! They’re doing a definitive edition of Star Wars on laserdisc! The print is cleaned up and looks fantastic and the box set has all the movies and tons of extras! Yes. I bought it.

Remember the Special Edition with newly enhanced visual effects? They trotted that out on laserdisc in a box set…last time it was going to be made available, by the way…ever… Yeah, it was mine.

Then the DVD revolution came upon us like wildfire…and…no Star Wars on DVD. I felt a little vindicated on my laserdisc purchases, which I reduced to just my precious Definitive Edition set for space since I got rid of all my other laserdiscs in favor of DVDs. Eventually I saw the writing on the wall and got rid of that set too…just in time for…

The Star Wars Trilogy on DVD – in a lovely widescreen edition in a box set – only time it’s going to be released you know…so get it now while you can…and I did. Special Edition only – because the original theatrical editions no longer exist of course. Which is too bad because those are the versions I’d really like to have. It’s a pity I won’t be able to legally own them on DVD…

Until of course the single movie releases of all three movies with both the Special Edition and original editions in each set. Which, since it has the original versions, I had to have.

If you’ve been keeping up – that’s seven times I’ve bought the original Star Wars movies in three different formats. Twice on video tape, twice on DVD, three times on laserdisc. Oh, and let me point out that since laserdiscs were a format marketed towards the real movie buff, some releases weren’t cheap. Guess which movies fit into that category?

I should point out that I do have the new trilogy of Episodes I-III on DVD. Purchased once. That is all. Just saying.

Thanks, George, for everything. Take the family out to dinner tonight and celebrate. It’s on me. Really. Add up what I’ve paid so far – and that’s just for the movies. No doubt you could get a really good meal out of it.